Monday, November 11, 2013

Ugly Crocs Are Really Not So Anymore

The Myth of the Ugly Crocs

What really does the word UGLY really mean? According to the dictionary ugly is defined as:

Many people once thought that Croc shoes were the ugliest shoes worn. Those that have never worn them may still think that today. They may not have seen the latest stylish Crocs that now are available or have they experienced the comfort that Crocs provides.

You may have seen things like this across social media about Crocs:. 

Walk in Crocs

That is until people tried them on for themselves and walked a few days in them. Suddenly they realized that these were the most comfortable shoes that they ever wore. Their lightweight design makes them oh so comfortable. Since those earlier days 11 years ago when Crocs were just the plastic clogs they have come a long way into being fashionable footwear for the entire family. The CEO of Crocs is aware of the "ugly crocs" term being used around the net and has pushed for the more fashionable styles without losing the comfort that those who have worn them have come to LOVE.

Croc Boots in Several Colors

Croc Boat Shoes
Womens Fashion Croc Shoes
Mens Croc Retro Sneakers 
The Work Crocs - Made for Standing Long Hours

Crocs Not Ugly Anymore!

Crocs are more than just shoes today. You can purchase Croc slipppers and Croc Uniforms.  They offer many accessories for your phone and items like umbrellas and sunglasses. If you have diabetes you may want to try their special work Crocs that the American Podiatric Medical Association has given their seal of approval to. These are some serious shoes! 

Do you still think Crocs are ugly today?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nursing - The Industry Highs and Lows

Nursing - Are You Ready To Become One?

Have you wondered about the status of nursing today? We had known about nurse burnout but to see these stats from the infographic below really made us think. Will they be enough nurses and are more young people ready to become one in the coming years? At the same time there will also be a doctor shortage. We really hope more young people will consider careers in nursing and becoming doctors. The baby boomer generation is aging and will put higher demands on our nurses and doctors alike.

We know of some local high schools in our area that offer classes in high school for CNA's so when they graduate they can start working as a CNA and begin college for nursing at the same time. That's a great way for them to get experience right out of high school. 

Do you have that option in your area schools? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.

Check out the other jobs related to nursing in the infographic below.You may find one you like!

The Highs and Lows of Nursing
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Get Ready To Relax In Comfy Croc Slippers

Get Ready For Relaxing in New Croc Slippers

Can you believe Crocs now makes slippers? Yes, they DO! 
The soft bottom outsole is made for being inside and relaxing after a long shift or day on your feet. Made with Crosliteâ„¢ material. The bottom outsole has gripper treads so you won't slip and fall in these new Croc slippers. You get just pure relaxation in these slippers. So easy to put on and take off. No stress with these! Croc slippers

Croc Slippers Come in 6 Colors:

  • Black
  • Espresso
  • Evergreen
  • Navy Blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Dahlia (purple)
Available in Sizes Women 6-12 and Men 4-13. If you need a 1/2 size, order a size up for best fit.  They are now selling for $29.99

 If you LOVE Crocs comfort and style, you will love these new slippers. Order yours today before they sell out. 
They make nice holiday gifts for those on your list!